Brand Platform

Let Your Light Shine

Spring Arbor University challenges its students to learn, achieve and make a difference on an entirely different scale, one that is centered on total commitment to Jesus Christ as a perspective for learning. As a platform, “Let Your Light Shine” spotlights the values and attributes that set Spring Arbor University apart. It serves as both an inspiration and a call to action to shine in everything you do. Spring Arbor University students and faculty shine in many ways. And all of them can be illuminated in the “Let Your __ Shine” message. Spring Arbor University’s core values also shine through in light-filled visual statements and copy that alludes to images of light and illumination to keep our core values clearly in the spotlight.

Note: The platform name should be written in quotations (“Let Your Light Shine”) when described in communications.

Target Audience


Young adults (17 – 29) with good to above average academic backgrounds. Roughly 1/3 of SAU students are now conducting their studies online. 85% of undergrads are from Michigan.

Values & Attitudes

Messaging connects with those who value love, community, strength, making a difference, relationships, and growth. They draw strength from relationships and belonging to something bigger than themselves. They seek a life of purpose and believe helping others is more important than achieving material success.

School Preferences

This audience looks for a Christian community, faculty that cares for them, smaller setting class sizes where they can feel “known” and cross-cultural experiences.

Brand Structure

The brand stays consistent over time and only evolves to the degree that Spring Arbor University as an institution changes.

Brand: Spring Arbor University
Brand Value: Virtue
Brand Benefit: Spring Arbor University is where you can virtuously bring the light of Christ into everything you do

A strong creative strategy can be sustained over time and be re-evaluated as market and audience needs arise.

Creative Strategy/Expression

Let your light shine

Campaign-level work is flexible and evolves more frequently for relevancy.

Paid Advertising

Illuminating statements that shine light on the possibilities and outcomes of whole-person transformation.


An Education with Christ at the Center
The Call to Community
Student Journeys
The Concept & Its Uniqueness
The Core & Its Impact
Lifelong Involvement in Learning
Critical Participation in the Contemporary World

Brand Value


Differentiated Brand Benefit:

Spring Arbor University nurtures your mind and facilitates the experience of a whole-person transformation. Where your God-given gifts are shaped through community and honed by the teachings of Christ so that you can bring the virtues of God and the light of Christ to a world in need.

SAU is a tight-knit community where you can strive for moral excellence, develop your potential, demonstrate hope, live with humility, and accept love. A place where ordinary becomes extraordinary, and above all, where you learn to bring the light of Christ into everything you do.

Creative Expression

“Let Your Light Shine” spotlights the values and attributes that set Spring Arbor University apart. It serves as both an inspiration and a call to action to shine in everything you do.

“Let Your Light Shine” Brand Manifesto

In a world transformed by the love of a redeeming Savior, every life is extraordinary in the light of eternity.
At SAU, we bring those lives to light by helping students to uncover the unique, God-given gifts they each bring to our community.
Gifts that may have gone undiscovered are honed and refined through a holistic, Christ-centered education.
An SAU education gives students a defining mission, one that brings the light of Christ into their jobs, into their communities, into their families and into every realm of life.
Students and graduates alike engage the world as lifelong learners, vibrant Christians and global participants, and model their lives on the extraordinary example of Christ.
They live contrary to ideas of material and personal success  — they live to illuminate better possibilities for a world in need of God’s love.

Spring Arbor. Let Your Light Shine.