Following the Light

We share the Spring Arbor University story in two key ways.

The first is through “Let Your Light Shine.” This headline – and variations on it – sets the stage for prospective students and parents to learn more.

The second is in telling longer, relevant stories that inspire deeper engagement with the SAU promise and message. More on those below.

How to use “Let Your Light Shine”

Our key headline message can also be used to highlight other important attributes of the SAU experience.

Phrases or more common attributes should not be used.

Examples: Sense of Humor, Math Skills, Likeability

How To Tell Our Stories

Spring Arbor University is for students who crave belonging, are compelled to serve and desire to live with real purpose. Each student has his or her own story. We’ll use these stories to illuminate the journeys that bring students to our school. The benefits they see in SAU’s unique brand of higher education. And the positive impact they hope to make in the world after they graduate.

SAU stories should aim to highlight the Virtues, God-Given Gifts, and Biblical Principles reflected in the “Let Your Light Shine” positioning. The “Light” references should not feel forced, but natural to the story being told. If including a “Light” reference feels awkward in the context of a particular story, it’s better to leave it out.

Examples of Story Types

These are meant to illustrate a few representative categories, not to limit the types of stories SAU tells.

MY SPRING ARBOR JOURNEY Personal stories told by prospective students and parents of what attracted them to Spring Arbor, and what they’ve accomplished during their time here.

THE POWER OF COMMUNITY Personal stories told by students and teachers of the unique ties that bind the Spring Arbor community together.

THE SPRING ARBOR DIFFERENCE Stories from students, professors, parents and administrators that highlight the unique experience and advantages of a Spring Arbor education.

THE SPRING ARBOR IMPACT Examples of how mission-minded Spring Arbor graduates are helping create a better world through their work and witness.

Brand Tone

The Spring Arbor brand tone is missional, inviting and inspirational. It reaches out to those who feel called to study or work at not just any university, but a university that stands out from many other centers of higher learning through its commitment to a Christ-centered education. Our brand tone forthrightly describes the missional nature of the unique education students receive here. It also highlights the value — and values — our students bring to the world after they graduate. We speak in a friendly, approachable voice and offer a welcoming message.

Best Practices


To avoid seeming over-the-top or shouty, we recommend using exclamation points only sparingly.


Say just what you need to say. The shorter you write, the more likely you’ll be read.


Our hashtags are always mixed case. #SpringArborUniversity #ShineSAU

Brand Voice

Think of the Spring Arbor University brand as a person. How do they talk? How do they make people feel? Are they open or reserved? Welcoming or guarded?

Understanding the SAU personification will help us stay true to our voice and consistent in our communications, allowing prospects, students and parents to more easily connect.

SAU is

… a bright, trusted advisor with your best interests at heart. Friendly and accepting, rooted in their faith, but not close-minded. A voice you can trust to put your needs and interests first. Someone you’d welcome spending time with.

Fresh • Honest • Thoughtful • Approachable • Measured • Mature • Faithful • Down to Earth • Experienced • Wise • Encouraging

SAU is not

… stuffy or pedantic. The self-impressed professor who commands worshipful attention for the strength of her or his learning. The campus big shot who see themselves as first in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man – and is eager to let you know it.

Arrogant • Shallow • Boring • Uncaring • Long-winded • Callow • Insecure • Disrespectful • Self-Centered