Content Blocks

Content blocks are re-usable templates that structure page content into consistently styled layouts. While they can be used anywhere on the site, some blocks are intended for specific uses as noted below.

Home Hero

This content block is intended for the homepage and conveys the first impression someone has when they visit the site. The copy should be impactful and SAU focused. It’s important to select an image that fits well around the copy and is not cut-off or distracting.

Headlines – 1-4 words
Intro Copy – Less than 75 characters

Interior Hero

This block should be used on section overview pages (About, Academics, etc.) as it pulls secondary navigation into the yellow bar below the image. Again, it is important to choose a photo that works well with the main subject of the photo. Be sure that faces or other important photo elements are not cut off by the headline.

Headline – 1-4 words
Intro Copy – Less than 60 characters

Important Hero

This block can be used for level 3 sections that are important enough to warrant a hero callout at the top of the page, but are not major section overviews. It is intended to be used only at the top of a page and should not be used more than once on a page. The left area can contain a headline & short paragraph.

Section Headline – 1-4 words
Section copy – Less than 60 characters


Statistics are an important component of this website and can be used anywhere appropriate. This is where we can show the value and success of our programs through numbers. The yellow slash background is optional.

Statistic header – 1-4 words
Statistic Descriptions – 1-4 words

Headline & 3 Image Layout

This block allows three images with an SEO headline and marketing headline. It could be used to place multiple programs on a page. It also allows a summary paragraph and CTA.

Image, Headline & Copy

This block can be used anywhere on the site with the headlines, copy and CTA placed either left or right of the image. Yellow or grey swoop backgrounds are optional, but very large and best used with grouped Image, Headline & Copy blocks as in the example below.

Small Image, Headline & Copy

This block is functionally identical to the previous, but displays smaller and has no background options. It can be used anywhere on the site.

Important Deadlines

Currently used on the homepage, this block can be used anywhere on the site where deadlines should be listed.

Full Width Image & Headline

This block can be used anywhere on the site where an important concept is being communicated. The additional paragraph and CTA are optional.


There are two optional layouts for this block. The horizontal layout (shown above) places the copy to the left of the image tiles; the vertical layout places the headline above the tiles and the paragraph below. The tiles can display an existing post (with its primary image and link) or a custom post of image and CTA that you input.

Dual Content Blocks

The Dual Content blocks are currently used on the Admissions page, but could be used elsewhere on the site. They pull the headline, excerpt and CTA from an existing post or allow you to add custom content.

Background Image with Box Callout

The blue content box allows full HTML input, so forms, headlines and copy, CTAs, etc. could all be added to this block. The blue box will expand to fit the content it contains, but should be kept to a minimum so that excessive white space isn’t created below the image on the left.

Centered CTA

Although called the “Centered CTA”, this block could be used for any centered content throughout the site. Both options shown above.

Content Slider

This block pulls in related news and displays it in a carousel (image slider). Select the news category to display news items in this space.

Upcoming Events

This block displays events in a carousel (image slider). Select the number of events that you would like to display.

Info Request

This block displays a request form. First, create the form and copy it’s ID. Fill in the form ID and appropriate copy to accompany your form in this block.

Multiple CTAs

This block can be used anywhere on the site. It will display a headline, paragraph and up to 3 CTAs.

Expanding Background Image

This block animates a large background image from the left side of the block to a content width background. It can be used anywhere on the site, but is not linked.

Academic Program Listing

The Academic Program Listing block is functionally identical to the Expanding Background Image block, but allows you to add a link to the entire background area. Although named for its use on academic program pages, it could be used anywhere where this functionality is needed.


Although not blocks, it should be noted that tabs are populated automatically on overview pages. The initial tab is the page itself (the section landing page) and child pages are the additional tabs.

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